Laptop (R)evolution

If think about it the laptop has truly evolved and as Geekwithaloptop review, I agree as size truly matters. As you can see the future holds great promise.  The laptops are now getting sleeker, thinner and smaller.  Portability and of course the love for our backs have as I assume was the main reason.  Just imagine carrying the huge laptops on our backpacks. Ouch!! Check out the video below and see how the laptop has evolved through the years.

asus-eee-pc-s101macbook-airThe macbook air and the famous Asus computers are small and convenient to carry handy laptops. But what is in the future?

For the Future? Vaio Zoom, a concept that uses  holographic technology inside a thin glass form factor. When shut down, the screen becomes completely transparent while the keyboard stays opaque, but when you turn it on the whole feast begins. That’s right, the future of laptops could be an imaginary display in thin air…