Laser Etched Beef Jerky Business Cards

You want a business card that will guarantee that your potential customers will remember you, right? Perhaps the business card that doubles as a gun that shoots pennies is a bit too controversial for you? How about a business card that is a tiny bit less politically incorrect? Here is a business card made out of beef jerky! Now you can get your contact information seared into dried beef with a laser. Yummy!

Before you discount this as completely wacky, let me tell you that this little invention made it into an article in the most recent Entrepreneur Magazine, so they must be doing something right. According to the magazine, “Exchanging information should be about an experience, creating a positive relationship between two people. A really cool business card can put a smile on someone’s face, and it allows people to associate a good experience with your business.”

I get that, but my question is, how would you know for sure that the customer would record your phone number before eating the card? Hmm… at US$29.95 for only four cards, this option could be costly, but quite tasty for sure. According to, “These are the original and one-and-only laser etched beef jerky business cards!”