App Gun: Turns Your iPhone Into A Toy Gun Simulator

Finally, we’re starting to see some new technology in the accessories for the iPhone. It has long been just in the docks, cases and skins. It’s like no one even cared to look beyond the horizon to see what could be done with the iPhone. The fact is, if you just have a bit of imagination, you can create pretty much any accessory to fit the iPhone. It took a few years for the inventors and designers to understand that, and now that Apple is underway redesigning the whole thing, it might be too late. Well, not really, but almost. With the new phone in the looming future, the days for the old incarnations of the iPhone are numbered. I have no doubt that the iPhone 4 will stay around for quite some time, but it too has to leave room for the new technology that Apple is about to release.

App Gun, a fantastically cool looking accessory for the iPhone, is setting the benchmark for what you can do with the phone itself. It delivers a great toy for shooter game simulations, and I am sure that every kid with an iPhone is going to want to check this thing out. I don’t know how the overall feel of the gun is, but I am sure that the toy is delivering the goodies. After all, it’s using the reality aware technologies housed in the iPhone itself to keep the game on the screen move along with the movements of the gun.

It is said that the App Gun will sell for under $20, which is an incredibly cheap price for a toy that is using augmented reality to create the geekiest and coolest game experience yet on the iPhone. Not too many games get their own accessory when you buy the app.

iPhone Docked Into App Gun

Closeup iPhone Screen App Gun

Augmented Reality iPhone App Gun

Side View App Gun Simulator

Real View Screen App Gun

Closeup Real World Screen Toy

Trigger Closeup Holding App Gun

iPhone App Gun Simulator Packaging

App Gun Alien Attacks Game

Via: [Pocket-lint]