Guy Builds Latency-Free Gesture Controlled Wearable Mouse

Wearable technology is one of the hottest subjects at the moment, and we’re looking at a future with a whole bunch of these devices being marketed. The heads up display, smartwatches and intelligent clothing is only the start. Individual innovation is what drives this trend right now, and one of those people is definitely  YouTuber noazark, who decided that the mouse could be optimized, so he started developing a wearable mouse that is pretty much latency-free.

Many developers and innovators have tried to refine or redefine the way we interact with our computers, and there have been many wearable mouse devices since the concept was first introduced. What makes noazark’s wearable mouse so interesting is the speed and features it incorporates. By the looks of things, the gesture mouse is basically latency-free.

This means that the time it takes for the signal to travel from the wearable mouse device itself to the computer and on to the screen is basically nil. Slow reaction time is the cause of many people’s annoyances and large touchscreens show this phenomenon more than smaller ones. It is always tricky to make wireless devices latency-free, and maybe that is why noazark wanted to create his very own wireless wearable mouse.

On the video, you can’t clearly see whether the device is wireless or not, but by the looks of it, it seems to be. The wearable mouse also incorporates some innovative features that enable the user to do a wide range of different tasks with it. For example, the click and double-click is still incorporated, but in mid-air. This is especially necessary in order to make people feel like they know the device the first time they put it on and try it.

Can it get smaller? I would say that it could definitely become smaller. No doubt about it! Is it a device that I think will take over the world? Probably not. I wish I could say that I thought so, but there are way too many people that find working in this posture quite exhausting. I think we’ll have to stick with the current mouse for just a little bit longer.

Noazark’s Innovative Wearable Mouse Device

Noa Zark Wearable Mouse

Noa Zark Wearable Mouse