The Latest Industrial Machines To Try In Your Factory

2019 has been a year of innovation. Factory machines refer to a wide range of equipment that is used in the manufacturing, assembling, and processing of products. Equipment and machines are becoming more and more innovative, improving ease to factory owners. In this increasingly competitive market, only those who keep up with the latest trends can stay in the race towards innovative excellence.

After conducting extensive research in current factory trends, I have made a list of the latest and most used industrial machines in different factories. Anyone seeking efficiency and cost-effectiveness in his manufacturing and assembling processes will find this list helpful. By taking advantage of these technological gems, you can achieve an edge over your competitors and realize success.

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Pulsed Fiber Laser Welding System

Welding different metals and plastic is a basic process conducted in most factories. LMWS pulsed fiber laser welding system tops my list as it streamlines the welding of metals, plastics, and different alloys. Not only does this machine provide the benefit of lean manufacturing, but the laser can also be used to cut any welded parts.

It comes with an XY galvanometric scanner, off-axis camera, stage controllers for 4 axes of motion, rotary welding, and other unique features. You can weld all the basic shapes, vector graphics, line-drawing, and even logos.

Automatic Foil Stamping And Die Cutting

The latest addition to the market is the cutting edge automatic foil stamping and die cutting machines from SBL Group. Highly used in fabric factories, a die cutting machine is used to cut different materials ranging from fabric, paper, or metal to the desired shape. These cutouts are then used for different purposes like shirt making, decorations, cards, scrapbooks, etc.

Another highly used machine in the print industry is a foil stamping machine. By applying heat and pressure to foil paper, you can create different designs on various materials. Both of these machines have made the task of coming up with beautiful designs very easy for manufacturers. All you have to do is select a design template, press the button, and watch the magic happen.

High-Productivity HMCs

These machines have turned out to be a revelation for the auto and aerospace industries. Developed by Doosan Machine Tools, these machines have been on the market for quite some time. However, they are only recently being adopted by factories as their latest models make metal removal a lot easier and quicker. A 15,000 RPM spindle version is currently available, with a 20,000 RPM spindle on the verge of release. These machines increase production time as much as 25%. The latest NHP series delivers the production rate and precision that every factory manufacturer needs to stay in the competition.

3D Printers

The greatest gift innovation has given to the manufacturing sector is 3D printers. Where every manufacturer is on the lookout for an innovative way to streamline his production, a 3D printer has been the solution to all their problems. By combining different layers on top of each other, a 3D printer creates a physical object from only a digital file containing a three dimensional model of that object. 3D printers have replaced the traditional method of manufacturing products in a cheaper and faster way.

This has further reduced labor costs, as there is no need for numerous skilled professionals. With the way this technology is developing, using it in every manufacturing process will soon no longer be an option, but a necessity to manufacture products in a simpler and faster way.

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