Lazy Gadgets: The Hot Pocket Game Controller Dispenser

It is quite clear that the world is getting ever more lazy. You can see it when you look at the devices we keep creating for ourselves. We want everything to be done with a button, and the easier it is to control, the better its success will be. Just have a look at the application that was announced yesterday. The Twitmonester jailbreak application will enable you to tweet by just using your voice. The hack opens up Siri to your voice tweeting, and it’s by far the coolest way to tweet. But is it lazy? Hell yes it is! And inventors around the world aren’t stopping there. I recently found another, quite cool actually, mod for gamers that you might find interesting.

This new Hot Pocket gaming controller modification is one that will truly launch you into the lifestyle of the couch potato. The functionality of it is very simple, and when you are done building it, you can just sit on your butt while playing your game and still be able to eat your Hot Pocket. And that is without even releasing the grip around your controller. As a matter of fact, you will be able to continue playing while eating, like there isn’t a care in the world.

The mod comes from gadget hacker Ben Heck, and it is explained in detail in one of his The Ben Heck Show episodes. Ben has become a modder of stature since he’s presented a lot of different hacks that will make the life for gamers, geeks and nerds a lot simpler. One of them is the automatic Xbox disc changer which got rave reviews when the video tutorial was first released. I guess the world is soon to be entirely automated so… how can I make a bot that will fetch me my tea without me ever having to leave this chair? Nah, on second thought, I’d rather have the exercise. I mean, it’s not that far after all.

Hot Pocket Game Controller Dispenser

Via: [DVICE]