Leaf Mount: The Must-Have Accessory For Smart Device Owners

As I am sitting here eyeing a new product called Leaf Mount I suddenly realize that my smart devices are always scattered across my desk without any kind of strategic layout. Could this possibly be a productivity bottleneck? I would probably not be able to tell you the number of stands and mounts that have passed through this office without making any kind of impression, Leaf Mount is definitely not one of those accessories.

The problem with smart devices is that when it comes to using them while not holding them have always been limited, or sometimes even non-existent. We tend to pull them out of our pockets or our bags, use them for a while and then put them back down again. In this sense, the devices that have been promoted to us as “smart devices” are not so smart after all. They are just mobile devices that enable us to do things on the go. Wouldn’t they be of much more use if we were able to use them as secondary devices when we are using our primary for example?

This is exactly what the Leaf Mount is all about and I have to say that I am truly excited about its existence. This accessory takes a whole different approach to adding yet more uses to our smart devices, so that we can use them even though we do not hold them. What makes the Leaf Mount so unique and exciting is the easy and innovative way you put the device on the stand itself.

It does not use a locking mechanism or a slot to hold the device in place, no it uses a breakthrough micro-suction technology to lock in your device. The Leaf Mount has two micro-suction pads affixed to its base, one gripping the backside of your device (iPods, iPhones, Androids & tablets), the other gripping the surface of anything smooth underneath.The pads are made out of a unique make of foam that effectively keep the device in place.

A more simplified way of explaining the way the foam keeps the device in place would be to say that the material that enables the micro-suction was manufactured in such a way that it is laden with thousands of open air-pockets along its surface. Pressing an object with a flat, smooth surface up against the Leaf Mount’s micro-suction pad forces the air out of the pockets and thereby creating a vacuum, and it is this vacuum that creates the suction you experience. The resulting strength of which the device is held in place has to be seen and felt in order to be comprehended.

The Leaf Mount is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for full-scale production. The design of the Leaf Mount is finalized and it has been tested for months and is working exactly as intended. So far the developer, Leaf Inc., has managed to raise a whopping $9,600 of their $10,000 goal amount. I think it is safe to say that this campaign, with over 36 days to go, is going to be a huge success.

We here at Bit Rebels would encourage anyone to have a look at the Leaf Mount over at Kickstarter and pledge. Having one of these is definitely going to increase your productivity and multiply the number of ways you can use your smart devices. The Leaf Mount works with pretty much any smart device and can be folded up and put in a sleek accompanying case. All other stands fade in comparison to this amazing creation. I just wish they would hurry up and start production already.

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Leaf Mount Device Stand

Leaf Mount Device Stand

Leaf Mount Device Stand

Leaf Mount Device Stand