Learn How To Fix The iPhone 5C: iPhone 5 vs. 5C Comparison [Video]

Today is the big day – the iPhone 5C goes on sale. Combine that with the release of iOS 7 a few days ago, and it’s been quite a busy week for Apple. When I installed iOS 7, it felt like I had an entirely new phone. It took me a few hours to get acclimated to it, but now I love it. This article isn’t about iOS 7 though. It’s about the new iPhone 5C, and how to take it apart if you need to.

Many people think the iPhone 5C is just basically a colorful iPhone 5, but as you’ll see in the video below, on the inside it’s very different. Bit Rebels is excited to be the first to release this video, which shows a complete teardown of the iPhone 5C bolt by bolt.

If you are considering getting a 5C instead of a 5S, this video could come in handy. Since the 5C is $100 cheaper than the 5S, and yet it comes with the same storage sizes and most of the same features, it definitely seems like a good deal. However, according to Cnet, “The iPhone 5C is 2012 tech dressed up in a brighter package for 2013; the four-inch retina display feels small compared with most Android phones.”

If you like to tinker with the inside of your iPhone, you’ll enjoy this video which shows how different the iPhone 5C is compared to the iPhone 5. The creators of this video, Cellhelmet, just launched their Repair-In-A-Box service last week. If you aren’t quite brave enough to take your own phone apart like this, you can always pick up an empty Cellhelmet box and ship your phone to them for repair. You’d pay for it on their website. In the meantime, get a cup of tea and get ready to geek out as you watch this just released video showing the guts of your new iPhone 5C.

The iPhone 5C Teardown