LED Slippers Will Prevent Head Bumps When Sleepwalking

Alright, so here’s a scenario for you. You wake up in the middle of the night in dire need of some water. With great effort, you manage to persuade yourself to actually go through the trouble of getting out of bed, walking all the way to the kitchen to get a glass to fill up with water, then take it back to bed with you. So, you start walking. The only thing is that it is pitch black, and you don’t want to turn on the light since then you will most likely wake up too much. You slowly and blindly make your way out to the kitchen only to slam your leg into the dishwasher door that you left open to dry the dishes. Sucks a..! It has happened to me a million times it seems.

For nights like this, what could be better then than a pair of LED slippers, right? YES! And there are some available for you right now. For you people who don’t know what LED slippers are, they are basically slippers with front mounted LED lights on them. Stick your pretty little feet in there and voila, the path ahead of you is lit up like a Christmas tree. Now you can not only prevent accidents from happening on your way to the kitchen, or wherever you are going at night, but you can also increase your speed getting there which will minimize the time you have to be semi-awake.

These innovative night accessories are made available by Opulent Items, and they will make a hole in your wallet that is $40.00 big. Believe me, I am actually considering getting a pair for myself since I am dead tired of slamming into things when it’s pitch dark at home. Not only does it hurt like mad, but it also wakes me up from the few hours of sleep I am getting in the first place. It’s a great morning wake up call, yes… however, it sucks when you just went to bed and realized a glass of water wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all. Well, whatever your reason is for getting them, I think it is a mega grand idea! Badass in fact!

LED Slipper Invention Night Accessory

LED Slipper Invention Night Accessory

Via: [Geekosystem]