LEGO Decals Turn Your MacBook Keyboard Into Awesomeness

There are a lot of accessories out there to customize your smartphone. As a matter of fact, there is almost too much stuff to even make sense of it all. But so far, there haven’t been very many things you can accessorize your laptop with, right? Sure, there are some things like stickers and clever sleeves, but nothing that really measures up to what is available for smartphones. I have seen some pretty cool accessories for designers and gamers that will pimp your keyboard into a more straight forward palette of directional short key setups and whatnot. Gamers have enjoyed these template keyboard overlays for quite a while, but now there is a new breed available. These are LEGO decals that will “legofy” your MacBook in no time.

So if you are sick and tired of the same old look when typing on your laptop (MacBook) keyboard, you might want to have a stab at these LEGO decals. They are as colorful as there are many. It will make your keyboard a whole lot more inspiring to look at, and it will give it a more personalized feel. They’re created by Etsy creator and seller Qskin, and they won’t be too expensive I reckon.

The thing is, this Etsy page is currently on “vacation.” I take it the account owner is on vacation, but you can get notified when they get back so you can place your LEGO decals order. This is one of those fantastically geeky items that will have you rockin’ the cool with just a few stickers. For people who don’t like changing the interior of their laptops, these LEGO decals are a great way to renew the MacBook feeling and at least be inspired again when working. If you’re into LEGO, this is totally for you. Pop over to Qskin’s Etsy page and get the full introduction to these colorful LEGO decals. It will be worth your time.

Qskin’s MacBook LEGO Decals – Customization