LG Unveils Unbreakable Flexible OLED Display At SID 2013 [Video]

It’s getting closer to the battle of the flexible smartphone race. There are so many companies working on flexible smartphones that we are bound to see a market competition where only a couple will cater to the user’s and buyer’s taste. Whether that is Samsung, Apple or LG (or some underdog looking to make a huge impact), we just don’t know. But at the front is definitely LG with their insanely thin flexible OLED display which they unveiled and demoed during SID 2013.

The thickness of the OLED display that LG showcased is about the thinnest I have ever seen. It’s pure science fiction in a way since you can pretty much do whatever you like with it without it ever breaking. It is said that this flexible OLED display is not to be the primary layer (outer layer) of the flexible smartphones, but will be the screen underneath the touchscreen glass.

So what this basically means is that even though the display could basically break, the flexible OLED display underneath the glass will always be intact. All you will have to do is switch out the touchscreen glass, which is quite cheap today, and you will be all good to go.

The flexible OLED screen itself is said to have 1080p (high definition) resolution with an insanely sharp screen, as you can see in the video. When incorporated into a smartphone, or any other kind of flexible device, the technology will allow LG to wrap the screen around anything and everything in theory. LG has always had a good sense of design in their products, especially their TVs, so I reckon if LG is going to join the battle of the customers, we’re going to see quite a fast incorporation of these OLED displays across the board when it comes to companies ready to push out their innovations.

I, along with probably everyone else, am really eager to see what it is Apple will unveil. On several occasions, Tim Cook has said that this year Apple will announce several groundbreaking products. Will it be yet another letdown? Well, just have to wait and see.

LG’s Unbreakable Flexible OLED Display At SID 2013