Sharp Unveils LCD Display Boasting 10X Better Light Efficiency

For a couple of days now, I have been looking around for technology leaps when it comes to battery life. There are plenty of concepts and prototypes, but nothing that can really be incorporated into our devices and gadgets anytime soon. It seems it is up to the developers of the parts that go into the devices to start making their components more energy efficient. Sharp recently unveiled their new incredibly innovative display with insane light efficiency.

Any device that incorporates a display has to preserve power through clever component design since displays are the most energy-consuming components in any device. The power consumption can be regulated by increasing the light efficiency of the display itself. That is something that Sharp has been hard at work on for the last few years. The result is the IGZO MEMS LCD display which boasts a 10X better light efficiency than the average LCD display.

This is a huge deal when we start thinking about this technology being converted and implemented into touchscreens. The battery life of a smartphone incorporating this technology will no doubt save a whole lot of power while producing 10X better light efficiency and picture quality. As described by the developers themselves:

When compared to existing LCD panels, a color filter and polarizing plate are not used, so there is no light attenuation and the light can be used effectively. The light from the backlight reaches the users eyes directly with high color purity and brightness.

This is definitely a huge leap in display technology, and we can expect a whole range of more vibrant LCD displays in the future. Another great aspect of this new technology is that because of the use of a semiconductor material for the thin film transistors, the display can be used in a range of different temperatures and even in really cold conditions as well. We are unable to find any information about whether or not this technology can be converted to work within a touchscreen. Hopefully it can.

Innovative LCD Display With 10X Light Efficiency

LCD Light Efficiency Technology

LCD Light Efficiency Technology