LightLeaf: Revolutionary Paper Thin Light Source

Reading books isn’t something my schedule allows, but I always have a good one with me for long travels or when I’m just sitting around at an airport. I was really happy when Apple announced their iBook Store because then I would be able to download whatever my taste fancies without any fuss in carrying a book the size of a brick wherever I go. Despite this new and technological way of reading books, which is going to become a huge success, I don’t see regular paperback books going out of style anytime soon.

For those that still lie in bed and read before they fall asleep, I know it can sometimes be quite annoying to get out of bed to turn off the lights when you are done reading. Usually you just fall asleep right in the middle of a page. You don’t have to worry about this anymore since Valentina Trimani has come up with a really nice and easy to use concept for a new light source.

You will now be able to use a paper thin light source to bring some light to your reading. It’s perfect to take with you to any public space where you want to read or see something but can’t due to the dimmed down lighting. The LightLeaf is self powered and doesn’t need any connecting devices in order to work. How it gets its power is a mystery to me, but the designer mentioned that it’s done wirelessly. Hmm, what that means I don’t know…