Lightsaber Handrails: Tokyo Is The Place For Star Wars Fans

The integration of Star Wars technologies into the world has always been on the rise. We have seen gadget after gadget adapt some of the sounds, looks and similar features even though the features in the movies are probably way beyond what our technology is capable of. However, they are ever more present, and it seems it’s not about to stop anytime soon. I am sure that if you take a good look around the city you live in, you can spot at least something that is inspired by the whole Star Wars series. That is usually the case, and in the major cities around the world, especially now that George Lucas is releasing another updated version of the series, there are quite a few of these things.

In Tokyo, they have gone one step further and actually incorporated lightsaber handrails in their subway carts. I am not talking about some similar looking, bright light, shining poles which you can hold onto if the cart should rock or stop. I am talking about actual lightsaber poles that have the same glow (no actual lights though) and that look like lightsabers. If it is in connection to the release of the new Blu-ray edition of the Star Wars series I have no clue, but it is quite geektastic if you ask me.

Here in Stockholm, Sweden we don’t have quite that awesomeness, but then again, Tokyo is the technology capital of the world. Where else would you find these things if not in this epic, ever evolving sci-fi city? It’s just amazing what Star Wars has managed to give the world. The funny thing is that because we like it, we all promote Star Wars to our teeth without even knowing it. So for George Lucas, it is no wonder he’s constantly coming up with new ways to give us Star Wars. Every time something new is announced, we immediately start to talk about it, and the word is spread to the new generation. The Star Wars brand will forever live on. It’s brilliant if you ask me!

Tokyo Lightsaber Subway Hand Rail

Tokyo Lightsaber Subway Hand Rail

Tokyo Lightsaber Subway Hand Rail

Via: [Technabob]