Lighty: Drawing With Light In A Photoshop Manner

I think most people know about Photoshop by now. It’s the software that has come to glorify every model, actor, actress and pretty much everyone who has ever graced a professional, public photo. It’s the software that has created more confusion than anything other in our society. But it has also brought a tool into our lives that enables us to progress and innovate. Soon you will probably be able to add a new software called Lighty to the short yet inspiring list of designer software.

Photoshop is a pretty powerful piece of software that we can use for a lot of different things. One thing that is left to make Photoshop the complete designer solution is the ability to add flexible lighting to any rendering or design. That’s where Lighty is superior. Don’t confuse Lighty for a Photoshop plugin or anything like that. Lighty is actually a stand-alone application that will enable you to change, move, edit and design lighting in whatever environment you desire. It’s super impressive to watch onscreen, but also offscreen where it works its magic through the connection to the computer.

By hooking up the Lighty application to a miniature light rig (which in a later version will be life-size), you can seamlessly change the lighting in any area you desire. It makes for a super powerful way to be sure the lighting in a room is exactly perfect before locking it down. No longer will you have to move around things in order to make the lighting fit your own preferences. This Lighty system enables you to draw your desired lighting design directly on the screen you are working on.

The little miniature model will instantly adjust to your changes, and you will have an instant representation of your new lighting fixture and setup. The Lighty software is in many ways your Photoshop-style light drawing software. It’s probably too soon to even guesstimate whether Lighty will become as popular as Photoshop. Chances are, we will all have a more straightforward way of adding the perfect lighting to our homes within the near future. Not only that, but we’ll also have an infinite number of light settings when we want to change the lighting at home. So far, Lighty is just a project working with miniatures, but the company behind it is looking to adapt it to real life situations.

Lighty – Photoshop-Styled Real Life Light Drawing