Living Room: The Ultimate Interior Decorating Gadget

When you start thinking about redecorating at home, the hardest part can sometimes be visualizing the new wallpaper, a new rug or even a whole different interior design. Usually we doodle on a paper in a made-up scale, trying to make sense of it all. We even go as far as to bring home the furniture we have in mind, sometimes only to return it when we find that we do not like it after all. It’s a tedious process, and quite frankly, an irritating way of making sure something fits in with the rest of our stuff. Is there really any other way to do it? I am sure many people have messed around with different solutions. I have seen a couple kinds of computer software that try to deal with the problem, but usually, they don’t really help.

The team Mr. Beam, which consists of Mo Assem and Ruben van Esterik, has developed something I think everyone should have a look at. It’s a little concept gadget that I am sure will revolutionize the way we check out different decorations at home. It goes by the name of Living Room. It’s a gadget consisting of two projectors pointing into a room which is filled with different kinds of white furniture. The carefully placed projectors then project images from two different angles, making the whole room light up in color. You can literally change colors, textures and pretty much anything you want. It’s a great way to visualize a new couch, a different color table or even a whole different room all together. This could potentially be huge if major multinational companies like IKEA invested in it.

Wallpaper Couch Table Color Projector

Leather Couch Interior Projector Gadget

Yellow Color Living Room Projector

Brick Wall Interior Decorator Gadget

Future Interior Design Tool Gadget