Things To Look For When Buying A Big Truck

If you are a long-haul driver, your truck is your home away from home. If you want to steer clear of being deceived by sellers and make sure that you are not buying a lemon, learn the basic things to check before buying your next truck either from a dealer or a private seller.

The following checks will help.

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Horsepower And Axle Configuration

Check the axle settings and transportation capacities.

Be sure that you are purchasing the correct axle settings (4×2, 6×4, 4×4, etc.) for exactly what you will be transporting. Think about the type of terrain you will be traveling through. Are you considering carrying loads over hilly terrain for long miles or taking short trips within the town to deliver goods?


The engine can give detailed information about a vehicle. Open the hood to check out any signs of leakage. A leak usually means that the engine may require some repairs: possibly not a pricey repair, but a minor one.

After starting the engine, listen for any noises which sound suspicious. If you see that the engine is getting warmer, check that there is no smoke emitting from the exhaust. If you notice that the smoke is white or blue in color, there is something wrong with the engine.

The color of the smoke indicates that the engine is burning a lot of oil and will require overhauling.


Check the condition and interior of the cab. The interior will tell you about the age of the truck and if it has been kept with care. Check the total mileage of the truck on the odometer. If a car has 300k+ mileage, an overhaul is usually required, but if a truck has the same mileage, then it is not as important as the truck’s condition.

If the truck mileage is in the 500k-600k range, you must check the engine carefully. This might be time for an out-of-frame or less costly in-frame overhaul to make sure that the truck can continue to run for years to come.

Maintenance Logs

If you suspect that the engine has already had an overhaul, check the truck’s routine maintenance records. The maintenance record should provide you with an idea of the way the truck has been maintained, and also if the oil has been changed regularly.

The majority of operators and mechanics mark the last mileage time of an oil change on the air filter or windshield.

Brake Pads

You can find many many truck dealers Australia or some websites with available stock and detailed specs including the brake pads.  Check the brake pads of the truck to make sure they are not worn. Changing brake pads is usually a comparatively cheap fix, and it is best to take care of it at the earliest opportunity.  Safety first.

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