Porsche Pickup Truck Model – The New Cash Sink For Rich People?

Do you have a lot of stuff you want to move? Is your basement filled with hundred dollar bills just laying around? Well then this is the best opportunity you’re going to see on this side of the century. What if you’re looking for a pickup truck, but you don’t want those ordinary and… yeah let’s go and say it out loud… cheap and hillbilly stamped Chevy pickups? They’re just not up to your standards. You travel in style, and you don’t want to be seen even in the close vicinity of anything that might cost less than sixty thousand dollars. It would ruin your reputation for having good taste.

Well, if that’s you, then the Porsche TranSport Truck is right up your alley. It has style. It radiates luxury, and it’s expensive… most likely. Designer Nouphone J. Bansasine decided to add another vehicle to this luxury brand that we are all familiar with. To my knowledge, Porsche has never had a truck designed or manufactured, so this might be a good idea to look into for them.

Anyone buying this and loading a ton of things into it must have piles of money stacked away somewhere. I would personally cry my eyes out if I scratched or dented anything on a Porsche. So to cut it short… Do you have the heart to buy a Porsche knowing that not only might you scratch it, but you probably will scratch it, and that’s the bottom line? The choice is yours… but then again, I don’t think Porsche will ever make a truck model. However, I have been proven wrong before…