Low-Cost iPhone 5C Early Sneak Peak [Video]

Rumors of a low-cost iPhone keep being fed through leaks and early sneak peaks. I must admit that I thought Apple would present it during their last keynote since the stock keeps taking pot shots at its shareholders every once in a while. A new and cheaper iPhone would no doubt add to Apple’s already huge revenue stream, which of course would make the stock price stronger. The rumored low-cost iPhone is said to be called iPhone 5C when it is finally launched.

Well, the question is whether or not it will ever be launched. There have been plenty of parts and trinkets that have been presented on various websites since the first rumor of a low-cost iPhone surfaced. Some have of course been nothing more than the fiction found in someone’s imagination, while others are leaning more towards being the real deal. It’s always hard to say whether something is real or not, even though it definitely looks like it.

The new iPhone 5C is said to have the “C” due to the fact that it’s said to come out in various colors, whereas the iPhone 5 only came out in black and white as usual. According to a video shared by DetroitBORG, the low-cost iPhone 5C will be made out of recyclable plastic and have a slighter larger casing, both in width and in height. The iPhone 5C will sport pretty much the same exterior features as the iPhone 5 (or possibly also the iPhone 5S), but it will look more like a fusion between the early iPhone and an iPod Touch.

There’s no doubt Apple would be able to add a truck load of money to their revenue stream if they decided to release the low-cost iPhone 5C since it would target a much larger customer base, not to mention the younger customers that might not be able to afford the fully featured and upcoming iPhone 5S. Once again, who knows what Apple is planning to do. One thing is for sure though, and that is that this iPhone 5C back shell certainly looks to be legit with its new iPhone logo and iOS 7 choice of font. We will have to wait and see what Apple reveals this year. They have said that they have a lot to share with us, and that they will have a busy year, so if you ask me, everything points in an exciting direction.

DetroitBORG’s Ealry iPhone 5C Sneak Peak Video