Macbook Touch?!

Laptop or a canvass? Macbook Touch is a concept design by Tommaso Gecchelin. Concept art is also referred to as visual development and/or concept design. Here is i think a very cool concept.  Would be very useful for designers to showcase the designs when you do your presentations to client, plus the ease and beauty of having a flexible computer rocks.

Gecchelin reasons if Apple were to go small, flexibility may be more important than hard rigidness – a trend current Apple laptops buck because they’re in favor of unibody construction. Flexible OLED technology may be the key because it can provide the rich color and resolution density needed for a smaller screen without being a power hog and resists damage by its malleable nature. The thinnest screens now are barely 8mm thick and can fold like a piece of paper.

The core of this concept is a technology he calls iSpine. Like the spine of a book, the tech avoid excessive compression on the screen, yet allows the laptop to sit in multiple viewing positions. Go from a normal laptop with screen and touchscreen board – to a large widescreen canvas for drawing, presentation or movie watching. To keep everything minimal, ports like power, the mini display, and additional USB are externalized on a “Magic Dock” to keep most of the laptop slim and clean of an array of holes and plugs.