MacOven: Cook Your Food In A MacBook Microwave

Are we overusing our microwaves and most importantly are we using up unnecessary power by doing so? Well, if everyone were to stop using their microwave for just one day, I am sure it would be a huge positive impact on the environment and on ourselves. God knows what effect all that nuked food that we eat has on us. With the energy consumption ever increasing, where will it end and when will nature finally have enough? When will the fuses pop so to say. The only way to figure out when that is, is for us to keep using energy as our population grows.

However, what if could use the same energy twice? That would most certainly make a huge difference. And now you can, kind of. With the MacOven (from 01Mathery) you can cook your food while using your laptop just like you already use it. There are no software installations, no USB connections, just the same ole energy your computer uses when you work on it.

By building a box underneath your computer, you will be able to harness the heat generated by your computer. Usually your computer will generate quite a high temperature, and it’s of no use. Why not nuke your pizza in the heat of your laptop? Well, once again, I wonder if this is very healthy. I mean, I don’t know anything about what’s in the heat generated by the computer. As far as I am concerned, it could contain martians in microscopic stealth size. Jokes aside, remember this doesn’t mean you have to sit on your pizza for your laptop to heat it up… #JustSaying