Make Phone Calls Using iPod Touch

With all the hype surrounding the upcoming iPod Touch, I am excited to get my hands on one to check it out. Rumor has it that this new iPod Touch will have a camera, which is very cool, but the real upgrade I’m excited about is the built-in microphone. The reason I am so interested in this is… yep you guessed it… Skype.

Currently it is possible to place a Skype call using the iPod Touch and the App TruPhone (see video below). However, because of the current lack of microphone you must use a microphone adapter to make this work. You can use the new Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Microphone or some other 3rd party iPod Touch microphone adapters.

The new iPod Touch with built-in microphone will make the entire process much easier and simpler! Being able to run the standard Skype app just like the iPhone will bring a whole new world to iPod Touch owners. Since I live in a big city where WiFi is virtually everywhere, I will be able to use my iPod for most of my voice calls and look mom – no pricy iPhone AT&T contract! For those living further out, you will probably still need a cell phone on one of the big cellular networks. If only I could take my WiFi network with me (in fact you can do this too, stay tuned for my upcoming article on Portable Hotspots).

Another interesting development is that China is apparently so concerned about people making VOIP calls using an iPhone with WiFi that Foxconn is now mass producing a special Chinese iPhone without WiFi. You can read more about the China story here:

According to many of the preliminary reviews, this new iPod Touch is going to be amazing!