Two iPod Touch Prototypes With Camera Surfaces On Ebay

As if the world wasn’t in enough chaos over Apple’s monumental loss of the new iPhone model, we’re now seeing a flood of new prototypes surfacing on the web almost daily. If not from Apple, you can be sure that there is always something that hasn’t been seen from companies trying to ride the wave of the huge media coverage the new iPhone received. One can start to wonder if it is deliberate that Apple is now shooting out all their new stuff after knowing how vividly people will discuss their products. It gets extra interesting because just last week Wired, the main magazine for all tech geeks, published an open letter to Apple asking them to open up their secrecy barriers and to join them on an event coming up where major companies like Adobe, Microsoft, Facebook have spoken and shared their views of the future of the Internet. There has yet to be an answer from Apple.

These new iPod Touches seem to have been through quite a lot and they show definite signs that they are indeed from Apple. With markings like DVT-1 and DVT-2 (which according to John Gruber of Daring Fireball says it stands for “Design Verification Test” which is an Apple production milestone.

Many iPod Touch owners were pretty disappointed when Apple released their new official line up of iPod Touches since it didn’t have a camera and, of course, not a front facing camera either. This might be the revolution that Apple wanted to keep secret. It seems as if Apple is loading up for a huge camera-era with everything they are releasing having cameras both back and front facing to enable video conferencing and calls.

These two iPods were rapidly pulled from Ebay as soon as the world got news about these badboys just a few hours ago. Did Apple once again intervene? Did Apple’s lawyers once again handle the situation while not being able to keep it tight? Well, we may never know until these products actually hits the store shelves.