Makeout Map: Find The Best Places For A Good Old Make Out

There are a lot of weird apps out there, we all know that. There are apps for the strangest things, and sometimes the oddest ones are the most successful ones as well. The world is a complete paradox when it comes to this sometimes. But when it comes to pure retro love, the app stores around the world aren’t exactly bursting at the seams with applications. There might be one more soon though. An app called Makeout Map could turn that dormant love of yours into a retro adventure.

Geolocation applications have become a huge deal since people started to use their smartphones for social media. Once you get started, it’s really tough to stop looking at the updates, news and shares that people seemingly constantly push out. Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter and a whole lot of other social networking services use geolocation to make sure your updates are fully loaded with all kinds of information, if you want them to be. But nothing really helps you find the place for the perfect makeout. That’s where the Makeout Map application comes in, I guess.

The Makeout Map is an ambitious project undertaken by a single individual named Ryan Rothweiler, and it’s definitely one of those sidewinder apps that you never saw coming. The app is not live yet as Ryan is trying to collect the capital in order to finalize his idea into a reality.

Ryan is looking to develop the Makeout Map application with the help of crowdfunding. He only needs to raise a mere $3,000 within 16 days. So far, it looks like people aren’t too into making out anymore, or at least not in cool locations. It’s a shame really since the experience is usually what keeps the memories fresh and lasting. Ryan is trying to secure the Makeout Map application by raising the capital through a Kickstarter campaign, but the project has only managed to rake in a mere $98.00 so far. Why? Only you can answer that one.

The app is currently being developed on a Windows phone, but I am sure with the right amount of investment, the application will be available for all smartphone platforms. The app will be free with the help of advertisement once it is finished. It’s a rather interesting concept since I can think of a lot of advertisers that would like to lock their money into something where the focus is on enhancing the relationship between two people.

Ryan Rothweiler’s Makeout Map Application

Windows Makeout Map Application

Windows Makeout Map Application