How Many Internet Users Are Fake? [Infographic]

As we surf the web, most of us are not aware of the high-speed technology con show that is playing out right before our very eyes. It’s not a thing that is instantly recognizable or apparent, but for webmasters and website owners all around the world, this is something that continues to be a thorn in our sides. If you just setup your website and just started digging into your traffic statistics, you should know that even though you might be impressed with what you have accomplished, the truth is that as much as a third of your traffic are nothing but bots. It is also referred to as fake internet users.

This startling discovery is brought to us by GhostProxies who dug deep into the numbers of the Internet and compiled it all into an infographic called How Many Of The Internet’s Users Are Fake.

For a newly started website, this might not be much of a concern, however, for brands like Facebook, Twitter and other highly popular game-changers, this is of course something that is constantly counter-measured. To have a user base that is made up of over 30% fake Internet users is of course something that could hurt business. Facebook and Twitter have been quite good at keeping their fake Internet users away from their services.

Bots, and of course these fake Internet users we keep mentioning, can cause a lot of damage to a brand and their revenue stream if it’s not counter-measured. There are a lot of things you can do to keep these bots from messing up your traffic statistics, but that is something we’re going to talk about in another article. Bots are designed to scrape and post fake comments with the purpose of getting a backlink from your website to one of theirs. This helps them drive traffic from your website to theirs as well as from search engines. A mechanic that Google is constantly looking into as well.

Have a look at this infographic as I am sure you will see a whole new side to the Internet. It’s compact and filled with useful information that could help anyone see the true picture of what the Internet is all about. Still, the Internet is a place full of opportunity and you will always gain a whole lot more using it as a real Internet user compared to being a fake one.

The True Face Of Internet Users – Statistics

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Real Fake Internet Users Infographic

Real Fake Internet User