Medea’s LED Bottle Can Be Reprogrammed To Fit The Evening

We already live in a world where advertisement is pretty much on everything we look at. We have even become walking billboards ourselves as we are continuously sporting the brand names we like on our clothes. Does it make them cheaper? Nope, it’s quite ironic actually as we even pay more for well-known brands and even advertise their name for free. Well, booze could get a whole lot cheaper in the future if these LED bottle advertisements become popular.

It is the company Medea Vodka that is bringing the LED bottle to popularity again. The company is currently re-launching their website and is trying to rebrand their now growing popularity with their once epic LED bottle. It is the first time, (at least to my knowledge), that a spirits company has used technology alone to re-launch and try their luck on another more connected generation.

The LED bottle they have presented is really unique and can be programmed to scroll up to 255 characters. The bottle can be connected to a power source or be disconnected and run off its incorporated battery. After you have bought your Medea LED bottle of vodka, you can reprogram the LED scroller by using the two buttons located on the bottle to show whatever text you want.

No doubt it is a nifty trick to make young people choose Medea’s vodka over others. If it will become a growing success is hard to say, as the company’s website says that its new website is going to re-launched sometime during the fall of 2013, however, the year has almost come to an end. Hopefully they still plan to bring this LED bottle to popularity once again. They have already been sold in 2009, though, I am unsure exactly where.

With LED bottle advertisement, these bottles could actually get cheaper even though other companies are not advertising on them. The vodka could cost less all because people would spot these LED bottle scrollers by Medea and go for this vodka instead, which means more people would buy it thus bringing the price down. If more spirits companies follow this trend, booze could definitely become a whole lot cheaper. Then again, is that really a good thing?

Medea Vodka’s Geeky Reprogrammable LED Bottle

Medea Vodka LED Bottle

Medea Vodka LED Bottle