Meet RoboQuill, The Robotic Handwriting Service For Businesses

Gone are the days of handwritten letters and encapsulated emotions written in between the lines of ink and parchment, and enter the digital revolution. However, a new bot in town wants to bring that nostalgia back, and it’s doing it in the most practical way that you could ever imagine.

Meet RoboQuill. Your friendly neighborhood robot, who has considerably better handwriting than you! Today we take a look at how a robotic handwriting service can definitely make things better for the notes that you send out.

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What Does It Do?

Personalization is something that has taken a downturn due to the advent of modern technology. Instead of a handwritten note, we send a text message. Not to mention that a letter is now an email. The personalized touch of a letter that was written by hand conveys enough emotion as the words themselves. This is why RoboQuill is such a promising service.

The great thing about the robotic handwriting service is that it can take your ordinary text and create beautiful handwritten notes for you at faster speeds than the average human can type. The robotic arm runs off a computer that feeds the text, and it sets to write out that text on any form of material that you choose – given that the writing instrument’s ink will write on it

You can choose from a variety of different pens as well, from your normal ballpoint pens to fancy fountain pens that require to be re-inked every so often. The combinations between pen types and paper are indeed endless, and the results are great every single time. They can also facilitate the use of your stationery and writing instruments should you wish to really add that touch from your end.

Since everything is automated, you save time writing everything from thank you notes to traditional wedding invitations. It spares you from the seemingly menial tasks and makes writing notes a breeze. As a result, it can produce hundreds to thousands of uniquely handwritten letters at the push of a button.

What Makes RoboQuill So Great?

Apart from its portmanteau of a name – robot plus quill – there are so many reasons to love this remarkable robotic technology. It’s not just the fact that it can do calligraphy for you without having to require a teacher, expensive lessons, and not to mention the frustration associated with that. One way that RoboQuill stands out is that the handwriting is exceptionally organic in nature, and it almost seems as if a real human wrote it.

The robot can be programmed to work with different pressures as well, enabling you to choose to have your letters written by a Sharpie, Biro, or even a regular old marker. However, ironically, we still don’t know if it can use an actual quill and a bottle of ink.

RoboQuill Uses

For one, direct mail seems to be making a resurgence, possibly given that everyone is getting sick of emails. Having a handwritten letter sent out could make the difference between a sale and recyclables. However, this is not the only use of RoboQuill. There are a lot of times where a handwritten letter could make a better statement than a printed one.

Take, for example, a bespoke product that’s made to order for a customer, by mass-producing thank you cards to be put in inserts you can save a lot of time on the fulfillment stage. In fact, if you’re into stuffing an envelope with other goodies for your clients, the RoboQuill service will allow you to insert other materials into the envelope at your discretion.

They have a fulfillment center that can handle requests of this nature and can either deal with individual copies or an entire batch of orders for different uses. This means that they can process massive corporate requests en masse or fulfill simple non-commercial orders that you may need.

Another way that the service can be used is to mass-write and compose wedding invitations in specific calligraphic styles. You get the benefit of stylized handwriting at a fraction of both the time and the effort that it’ll take to produce these individually.

Other Services

The company offers a variety of different services and various integrations that any other enterprise can take advantage of. They have a white-label service that allows you to rebrand their services as part of your own. Say you have a printing company that needs to differentiate itself or offer a new product to a group of customers looking for something different, RoboQuill allows you to have this opportunity.

Corporate gift-giving is a vast sector that benefits from services like this due to the sheer size of the business. By employing robotic handwriting services, one can streamline the personalized nature of corporate gift-giving and get better results.

A white labeling service is nothing new in the arena of printing, and it makes perfect sense for others who don’t want to be heavily invested in the technology to try out a service like this. The specialization already exists, and the company availing of the services can just focus on the current markets that are available to them. It’s an excellent proposition for expanding a service line.


There are a lot of benefits to customization, and it’s no surprise that a service like RoboQuill will continue to flourish in the coming years. Everything is taking an extremely digital turn, and it’s excellent to know that services like these are on the rise, which brings back the much-needed nostalgia to the things that we now take for granted because of technology.

The future for this service seems to be hopeful because of the wide variety of uses that can be applied to it. In any case, the results have been spectacular so far, so it’s promising to see what other applications they can do in the future. RoboQuill is just the example that we need of the coming together of technology and traditional methods in creating better ways of self-expression.

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