Mind Altering 3-D TV

3-D television is finally here, and when I say mind altering… I am not kidding.

Panasonic has developed a 50-inch full HD PDP wide-screen TV with high-precision active shutter glasses to take it all in. There is a bunch of techno-whatever-o that goes into capturing and displaying the image to make it pop.  But to put it simply: the 3-D TV uses stereo imagery or alternating images that are sent to each eye (insert cool glasses) where the brain then reconstructs the image in three-dimensions. Cool.

You can read more about the technology behind the TV here.

This is no doubt a great new way to take in a movie in your own home. However, there are a couple things I am not to sure about after reading more on this new technology.

Mind-altering? How much more can our brains take? I go through each day with a 1000 decisions to make (some of which I make with my head).  Will this new double-take picture-fake make my head explode?

Secondly, the new glasses look pretty hip, but I have a hard enough time trying to find the remote. I wont even go into the amount of sunglasses I go through each year between loosing, dropping, sitting on. What if I have some buddies over, will we have to share?

Regardless, 3-D TV is something to take a look at (with the proper eye wear of course)