Mix Monsters: Cute Customized Geekdom For iPod Shuffle

Even though I have never owned or even tried one of those iPod Shuffle players from Apple, I still think they look neat.  I am one of those retro geeks, and I still sport my first generation iPod which had the monochrome screen and the 8gb memory.  It has served me well, and when fully charged, it kicks everything’s butt.  Also let’s not forget all the stares you get when at an airport, and you slingshot the kick ass white retro iPod out of your pocket and start playing a hot tune on it.  It works, it’s cool and I don’t think I will never part with it.  However, if you’re one of those people who ran to the Apple store, got yourself an iPod Shuffle, and after a while found that it was kind of boring and doesn’t tickle your fancy anymore, then I am sure this new case will bring the love back again.

The Mix Monsters are a geeky breed of customization iPod Shuffle cases that will give your iPod a face lift that no one will miss.  These (yes I am going to say it) cute little buggers remind me (and I am sure they are) of the characters in the Pixar movie Monsters.  Maybe I am totally off the trail here, but they really do.

They sell for $7.99 and in the package you will receive two silicone monster cases and 12 eye stickers to add to the middle of that shuffler.  Hurry up and get yours though cause all indications point to the Monsters being sold out in a very near future.  Customization is becoming quite cool… and cute.

Mix Monsters iPod Shuffle Promotion

Mix Monsters Packaging View

Mix Monsters Case Closeup View

Mix Monster Silicone iPod Case