Mobile Phone History: All The Firsts [Infographic]

There is little I can say that hasn’t already been said when it comes to the history and timeline of mobile phones. With every day that passes, we get more and more addicted to our phones, and it seems we can’t put them down anymore. It’s interesting since just a few years ago we didn’t even fathom the possibilities when it comes to that little bundle of technology. I have friends who literally couldn’t put their phones down if their lives depended on it. They constantly check their status updates and their email. Even if they haven’t gotten any messages, they go out of their way to keep checking it. It’s pretty much life 2.0, and I guess we all have to adjust.

When it comes to the historic timeline of mobile phones, there is of course some information we should all know. It’s not a necessity, but there are some facts that at least I think are really cool, and that is, all the firsts. What I mean by that is of course the very first thing for everything when it comes to mobile phones. There are a ton of them, and Infographic Labs collaborated with Vodafone Australia to put together a whole infographic about these events.

Did you know for example that the very first call from a regular (or at least that’s how you have to look at it) mobile phone was made back in 1973 by Martin Cooper? Yup, that’s right! It way way before any of us even knew what a mobile phone was. Hell, back then we didn’t even know what a personal computer was. Well, at least I definitely didn’t since I wasn’t even born back then. See, that’s how long ago it was when we first saw the world change one phone call at the time. Only the future knows where it will end, but for now, you have all the firsts represented on this awesome and intriguing infographic! Do you remember your first mobile phone call and message? When was that?

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Mobile Phone History Firsts Infographic