Mobility Adapted Augmented Office Chair Design

If we all knew how much time we actually spend in front of the computer, and most likely in a chair, we would be blown away. People continuously try to come up with the most comfortable and body supporting chairs possible. But things have changed significantly since manufacturers started designing chairs. Today’s office chair design needs a bit of touching up in order to meet all of the new postures we have started using since mobile computing came into our lives.

Extensive research has now been conducted on this topic, and from that spawns a whole new office chair design. It’s a design that will support our new postures to make sure our bodies are not strained when working for long hours in front of the screen. The company that undertook this endeavor is Steelcase. They have come up with a whole new office chair design that will make your old office chair look dated and boring. This new one was built from the ground up in order to make it as versatile as possible.

This office chair design is explained as being an augmented office chair. That is not because it has anything to do with augmented reality or anything, but because it has features added to it that are beyond the usual kind. The many features will enable you to sit comfortably no matter what posture you choose. During their research, they found that there are actually 9 new body postures that they didn’t know about until now. These new postures were created because our use of mobile devices. As we all know, mobile device usage has increased significantly in the last few years.

The office chair design itself allows for a whole lot of configuration that wasn’t previously available in a chair. It’s almost like the chair molds itself around your activity. You simple sit down on it and adjust it the way you want it to be depending on what you are about to do. Mobile computing has had a huge impact on humanity, and some areas of comfort just haven’t been keeping up. Steelcase is the first company to try and keep up-to-date with how we spend our time with our devices.

Steelcase’s Mobility Adapted Augmented Office Chair Design



Via: [psfk]