Mogees: Turn Any Surface Into A Gesture Musical Instrument

In the ongoing search for weird instruments, I have once again ventured out to see what I can find. It’s not easy, I tell you that. There are so many instruments out there that finding one that has to do with technology and the future is somewhat a search that will keep you busy for hours. When you find something, you can be sure that it is definitely going to be something out of the ordinary. The question is, what would you consider to be an instrument? Is it a gadget that you can play musical notes on? Is it something that can be used on stage to create a harmonic wall like a synthesizer?

It sure is a tough question to answer, but to me, it is anything that can possibly make a sound that you can use in your music productions and still consider it to be music. The Mogees is such a gadget I think. It enables you to play tunes on ANY surface, and I mean whatever surface you can think of. And of course, it doesn’t stop there either. It will turn any surface into a touch-enabled gesture surface which in turn will give you an unlimited number of ways to play a sound or tune.

A video demonstration showcases this feature quite well. The little receiver is ultra sensitive, and it gives it the ability to sense whenever something is touching, moving or sliding on the surface you’ve attached it to. Sure, it doesn’t sound much like music, but it still makes tones and sounds. With the right calibration, I am sure this thing could be a really cool show somewhere. The artist would no doubt have to have a load of practice to know the correct distances for each note, but after that, it would certainly be a truly awesome concert, wouldn’t you say? The Mogees is invented by Bruno Zamborlin of Centre Pompidou, University of London and will keep you busy for days. I can’t wait to see what will become of this little gadget.

Mogees Gesture Surface Music Instrument

Via: [UFunk – French]