Moller Skycar: A 30-Year Project That Now Unveils A Real Flying Car

Flying cars is an intriguing topic and one that has brought many fantasies to life. Innovation in this particular business has been long and complicated, to say the least. For decades, we have waited for a real flying car that will allow us to fly to work like a true Jetson. Not a single company has been able to realize a consumer friendly and appealing flying car that will set off to success so far. The Moller Skycar may, unfortunately, enter that category as well.

Don’t get me wrong, I am quite excited to tell you about the Moller Skycar and what it has to offer, but it is in no way yet suitable for the consumer market. Making a vertically take-off vehicle is a complicated task that has only been successfully implemented in the Harriet Jet so far. It’s a matter of finding stability and security all bundled into one, not exactly something you do on a Friday night.

The Moller Skycar is a 30-year project that has yielded a whole lot of interesting designs. Some have flown without pilots and the most recent one even with a pilot or two. Not only is stability of utmost importance, but to find an engine (or 8 engines) that can create enough power to actually have the Skycar take-off vertically is a constant research and development process.

The Skycar actually has 8 engines to drive the vehicle. It has 4 main engines and 4 backups. While Mr. Moller was test flying their latest Skycar one engine decided to fail. The reserve kicked in and stability was never a problem. The two computers incorporated into the Skycar are constantly running a vote system that determines whether a non-synced engine should be kicked off the cycle or instead be replaced by the backup. This way security is always maintained.

It will still be a while before the Moller Skycar actually hits the local car dealer store, but recent innovation has injected new excitement into the flying car business. Much of it is thanks to Mr. Moller’s tireless energy and dedication to the project.

Moller Skycar – Vertical Take-Off Flying Car

Moller Skycar Flying Car

Moller Skycar Flying Car