Mosquito Flamethrower Takes Care Of Business

If you have ever slept with your window open, you have probably at some point have become so annoyed by the sound of a single fly buzzing around in your room that you would have done pretty much anything to make it stop. You were probably too tired to get up and chase it down and put the final doom on its butt, which makes it all even more annoying. That’s usually how it goes. It takes energy, and when you have been laying in bed for about 30 minutes, getting up isn’t exactly what you feel like doing. That’s when the mosquito flamethrower comes in handy. It’s a do-it-yourself project that is one of the coolest ones I have seen so far. Is it dangerous? Yes, but what would life be if there wasn’t a little danger in it, right?

This project was thought up and developed by artist Johannes Vogl who seemingly got tired of running around like a maniac trying to spot and then kick mosquitoes back to kingdom come. It’s put together with scrap heap parts, and when finished, it looks like an unearthly weapon of destruction. It’s a nifty “little” gadget that will assure you comfortable sleep every night. All you really need to do is to take the mosquito flamethrower and wave the flame around for a few seconds in the vicinity where you saw a mosquito or heard a fly, and it should be all taken care of.

Just make sure you don’t overdo it. I mean, this mosquito flamethrower is probably mighty hazardous, and you could accidentally light your bed or room on fire. Not good! Maybe that mosquito pad killer is better after all. Nah, live it up a little and put some science fiction into your life, and you will definitely sleep better at night. That’s the geek way of doing it anyway. Have a quick look at this awesome mosquito flamethrower, and see if you can replicate it. It won’t be easy, I tell you that, but it has to be the ultimate mosquito killer for sure. Mosquito barbecue anyone?

Johannes Vogl’s Mosquito Flamethrower



Via: [Today And Tomorrow]