Most Popular Types Of Online Ads

Consumers get most of their information through computers and mobile devices. Therefore, every business needs to promote itself online. Here are the most common types of digital ads devised to date.

Some forms, such as banners, are losing their appeal. Discover the best online ad formats on and see how they work in practice. Today, it is extremely important to choose ads that work for your business. Here are nine key options.

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1.  Native Ads

Banners and sponsored content are outdated. Today, users largely ignore these ads. The key advantage of native adverts is that they offer solutions to users’ problems. Non-intrusive, they are designed to win trust. For example, a blog may promote services in a way that is valuable for readers.

2.  Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

This approach allows you to achieve higher brand awareness quickly. Such ads have three key elements: title, description, and call-to-action. The wording is based on carefully chosen keywords. Once a user types one of them in the search engine, they see the company’s ad.

3.  Display Ads

These are images or videos that are posted on certain websites to attract users. Banners, rich media ads, and video ads are common examples.

4.  Mobile Ads

This type comes in many forms. Any marketing campaign must be adapted to mobile devices, as users use them the most often. At the very least, pages should be formatted to the size of different screens.

Mobile-friendly campaigns ensure better reach and interaction. Also, thanks to Google’s Mobile-First algorithm, you will have better SEO. According to the search engine, mobile traffic has already surpassed desktop traffic.

5.  Social Ads

Social media is an integral part of many people’s lives. It includes different channels. For brands, it is important to create a presence on social networks. They may use segmentation capabilities to target specific audiences.

6.  Pop-Unders

These are less invasive and, therefore, more effective than popups. We have all seen annoying windows that cover the content we want to read. Pop-unders are separate windows that open in the background. As they hide behind other windows, users are more likely to pay attention when they discover them.

7.  Push Ads

These are push notifications delivered to different devices. Users need to opt-in to receive them, which is why they are effective. Unlike pop-ups, they deliver relevant content which they asked for.

8.  Retargeting And Remarketing

These focus on users who have shown interest before. Your company’s banner appears on websites they visit frequently. These ads boost sales and stimulate brand awareness.

9.  Email Marketing

In some countries, the potential of this format has been renewed. In Spain, it delivers the most conversions compared with other EU states. Automatization tools bring decent results when used wisely.

The Bottom Line

These days, marketers are increasingly creative. These are only a few of the most popular formats. Whichever you choose, make sure it is in line with your company’s image and goals.

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