EnCinema Adapter: Professional Movie Lens Adapter For The iPhone

We have been told many times that there is nothing a smartphone can’t do, and for once, I am prepared to touch the boundaries of agreeing with that. You might ask why that is, and I will happily answer. Let me first start by saying that I have always been a movie fanatic. I love watching movies, and anyone who really knows me knows this is no exaggeration by any stretch of the imagination. There are a lot of people out there who try to shoot their own “movies” on anything that says it can shoot in HD. But that’s not what will always determine your success – It’s the filters and lenses. Without depth of field, you can never expect to get that movie feel. There is no movie lens that you can simply pop on a camera. It’s all about knowing what you are doing.

However, there are tools that will help you get closer to what you are trying to achieve, and there are some even for the iPhone. Yes, that is right! If you are looking to shoot movie-like videos on your iPhone, you need a little bit more advanced gear than the simple camera that comes with the iPhone. What you need is the EnCinema SLR Adapter. It’s an adapter that will enable you to add filters and movie lenses to your iPhone in order to shoot stunning video.

Never before have I seen such great results shot with an iPhone camera. It’s mind boggling what a small movie lens filter can do to a video. It is currently selling for $209 over at Vid-Atlantic. Remember though, this is just the adapter. You can buy the Bubo case or the mCAM case in order to support the EnCinema SLR Adapter for just $129 and $161 over at Amazon. On top of that, you will have to get the filters as well, but all this together will give you one heck of a rig to start shooting mind boggling video with your iPhone. It’s a rather professional and mobile movie setup that will surely make you look like a professional movie maker.

Professional Movie Lens iPhone EnCinema Adapter