Lovable Star Wars Retractable Earbuds

Usually I am almost insanely picky when it comes to earbuds cause they never seem to be comfortable enough. Now you’re probably thinking, why can’t I seem to find a pair that fits my ears when everyone else can? It’s rather simple really. I listen to music pretty much 24/7, and I always wear headphones or earbuds depending on if I am in the control room or in front of my computer. Wearing earbuds that are too sharp, bulky or just oddly designed can make your ears go numb after 10 hours of constant listening. But until I find a pair of earbuds that works when I work in front of the computer writing, I will keep listing the most awesome and most creative ones on the market. I am sure I will find a pair that suits me just fine someday.

When it comes to looks; however, there is no better or cooler earbuds than these. They are Star Wars retractable Earbuds which will satisfy even the most hardcore Star Wars fan. It’s a bit funny being able to rip the limbs off of our favorite characters and put them in your ears. I wonder if you attach the whole character to the outlet of your device, or if you just in some magical way detach them from the body. Either way, these are collectors items for sure.

The second question is, of course, whether or not these are going to get bashed by Lucas Art and redrawn. But once again, that will probably make the price for them even more worth it. For just $17 you can choose between Yoda, a Stormtrooper or the dark lord himself, Darth Vader. They are made available by Funko and for now they can only be preordered. They will be shipped sometime in December, 2010. If you ask me, they are kind of Wobble Head like but with limbs that are retractable. As we have said so many times before here on Bit Rebels, the product is only limited to the creator’s imagination.