Multi-Touch iTable

PQLabs Multi-Touch G2 – is a touch screen overlay that can be easily mounted onto any LCD or Plasma TV monitors. This simple, lightweight and low cost solution let you deploy Multi-Touch technology instantly to existing monitors without the need of any configuration. Multi-Touch G² is connected to the computer via a USB cable (No power cable is needed).

Because of the simplicity and portability of Multi-Touch G², it can be easily used in the meeting room, conference, exhibition, command & control, event shows, classrooms. It can be easily placed on a stand, on the wall or built into a coffee table.   Crunch Gear says “Who would have thought that one of the coolest things we’ve seen at CES would be hidden in a 10×10 booth at the very back of the South Hall? Like a diamond in the rough, there sat the PQ Labs iTablet.”

The beauty of the product can be more appreciated with the videos we have attached for your viewing pleasure.