Finger Mouse Tracks Movements In 3D Space In Cramped Areas

The mouse has long been the primary device to control things on the screen. That along with the keyboard of course, but the mouse probably stands for about 90% of all the interaction with the graphics on the screen. The mouse has always been a tricky device to use in certain places. In cramped spaces, we usually find ourselves struggling to get productive and optimized with a mouse. That is something Nick Mastandrea is trying to change with his finger mouse startup company.

The finger mouse is a clever little invention. By operating in 3D space, you will be able to control your mouse cursor on the screen in cramped spaces and without losing any productivity at all. All you do is lift your finger mouse a little, and the cursor on the screen will move according to your finger movements. It is especially great when you are typing a lot of text, yet you need to navigate the cursor to different locations on the screen. I keep thinking this device would be great for bloggers that are continuously putting out content.

With a touch sensitive tactile surface located on the side of the device, it makes it easy to left, center and right click with your thumb. Its lightweight and straightforward design could very well prove to become an optimizer for your workflow. We all know being interrupted while working, whether it is a phone call, a message or even just having to move your hand to the mouse is time lost when you’re all up into something you have to stay focused on.

The finger mouse, or as it is officially dubbed the Mycestro, is a startup project looking for funding through Kickstarter. They are looking to raise $100,000 within 32 days. The mind-blowing thing is that with 32 days left they have already managed to amass a mind-numbing $132,000. So if you pledge today (or within the 32 days remaining), you will be sure to get your very own Mycestro finger mouse when it is ready to be shipped. It will probably retail for somewhere around $75.00 or higher, so pledge today and get in while you can still get one for cheap.

Nick Mastandrea’s Mycestro Finger Mouse