Nanocade: The Lap Arcade Console For Hip ’80s Kids

It’s rare nowadays to see something inspirational enough when it comes to gaming.  Usually it’s the same ole Wii, PSP or Xbox stuff that keeps flashing by as if it was a race to the finish line (which it somewhat is when you think about it).  To capture the attention of the geek kids from back in the 80s, it’s important to remember that some of us were entirely engulfed in the arcade scene and made short work of the coins we had in our pockets.  We just had to be on that high score list, and whenever there was a power outage or if the owner of the arcade hall reset the scores, it was like a wild mob had come to town.  After all, it was our hard earned cash that had scored us the positions we aimed for in the first place.

That could all be about to change now, a couple of decades later.  The Nanocade is a DIY creation that transforms a netbook into a lap arcade game console.  With a bunch of acrylic panels, a joystick, and some buttons, you can create your very own home arcade game with almost the same feel as the large ones from back in the era of the arcade halls.  And, all this for just $349.

Designer Rasmus Sorensen truly hits home with this awesome build, and I am sure it will be widely successful.  After all, who wouldn’t want their very own arcade console half cabinet at home to bust out whenever you’re in need of a game fix from the 80s.  The Nanocade is scheduled to start shipping in March of 2011, and I am sure it will be sold out right away so you better get ready to send in your order.  Arcade awesomeness!

Front View Of Nanocade Console

Rear View of Nanocade Console

Side View of Nanocade Console

Joystick And Buttons Nanocade Console

Game View of Nanocade Console

Nanocade DIY Project Game Console

Overhead View Of Nanocade Console