Navigate 13.3 Gigapixel Image via 22 Megapixel Wall

I am very much into different interactive displays, I am amazed by the technology.  I did an event once that made use of interactive screens.

What we did was we created a game and then had the guests play with it using an interactive screen. They could play the game alone or with their friends. It was an instant hit. From then on, we have been experimenting with ways we can develop and make use of the said wall. I was amazed by the video that you will preview here.

Imagine making use of a 22 megapixel wall to navigate a 13.3 gigapixel image! It blew me away.

Below is a description of what the screen does:

Gigapixel images are great, but navigating them on a regular sized display through a slow web browser isn’t such a great experience. This video shows how we navigate a 13.3 gigapixel image of Tromsø, Norway on a 22 megapixel display wall, using a custom, camera-based multi-touch interface and a custom system for high-performance navigation and visualization of high-resolution data sets.

The image was taken by photographer Eirik Helland Urke, who also operates the website. He kindly gave the team that did the video access to his data so that they could present and view it on their display wall. The system for visualizing the high-resolution image is called WallScope. The system was created by Tor-Magne Stien Hagen, and incorporated with Daniel Stødle’s Interaction Spaces system for device- and touch-free interaction with display walls. All of this under the careful guidance and advise of Professor Otto J. Anshus.