Nearshore Or Offshore Development – Which Is Better?

Software development outsourcing opens a wide variety of options for businesses and startups. Offshore software development as a tendency is booming. Now it is embraced by the organizations of different domains and sizes. It is a powerful tool of choice, which helps to gain competitive advantages in the business sphere.

Every business today is present on the internet on multiple platforms: social networks, cloud, mobile devices, mass media. Stakeholders spread their business geographically and adapt them to the changing environment. The business scenarios often include an “outsource and survive” phase. Among the future offshore development tendencies there are:

  • Standardized relations and people-driven processes, instead of the price-driven ones
  • More flexible Service Level Agreements and scope of delivery
  • The outsourcing is becoming more popular for small businesses and startups: it helps to increase their time to market
  • The outsourcing will help to save costs, even if the transportation and oil cost will continue growing
  • The outsourcing of low-end services will stabilize, and more high-end business functions will be outsourced in the next few years

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What Is Nearshore Software Development And Its Benefits

Nearshoring is a model of outsourcing when you hire the programmers for your project from the people in countries neighboring to yours or in similar time zones. For example, for the US countries for nearshoring are Canada and Mexico.

The nearshore software development solves the problems, common for offshoring and caused by complicated travels to the client, cultural and language barriers, differences in time. Technically, it works as offshoring, but in your part of the world. Here are some reasons why companies choose or skip this model of outsourcing:

Pros: Cons:
Easier communication thanks to the geographic proximity and culture similarity Bigger price in comparison to the offshore outsourcing
Faster and cheaper traveling, if you need to meet your team Difficulties in finding the specialists of the needed qualification in the neighboring countries
More likelihood that you and developers speak the same language Lack of workforce due to the mass emigration, especially in the Central and Eastern Europe
Ability to choose the coders with the strong portfolio and skillset
Possibility to choose a country with more cost-efficient options


What Is Offshore Web Development And Its Advantages

Offshoring is a popular model of outsourcing when the customer hires the development services provider from a distant country. Most companies choose this model because of the possibility to cut costs. In comparison to the expenses in the home country, the development cost may appear much cheaper.

However, offshore web development can face some problems because of the different time zone or cultural discrepancies. These factors awake doubts in customers. Here are some reasons why customers choose or decline to offshore:

Pros: Cons:
Cost-saving due to the lower salaries of the foreign programmers and lower development cost The constant need for communication and effective management
The possibility to save time and meet the deadline by hiring more coders from abroad Difficulties in communication because of the significant time difference
Ability to hire the coders with the relevant skills you don’t have in your team The risk of getting the results of low quality
Ability to unload the in-house workers or to shift them to more important tasks
Easy cost control and ability to predict the expenses

How The Benefits Of Agile Offshore Development Improve Your Business

If you are establishing a strategic approach towards your business, offshore outsourcing may help you in this way. And the ability to use the benefits of the model in practice is one of the core points of success.


Businesses and startups hire programmers from other countries because it will cost them less. For example, in the Czech Republic, the PHP developer earns $25,627 in a year, And in Ukraine – $17,000.

Saving Time

If your team members are working their fingers, but it is still impossible to meet a deadline for the important project – hire more workers. Such a short-time extension will save the nerves of your in-house programmers, and the company will not fail.

Relevant Skills

It may be difficult to find a relevant professional in your country in tight deadlines. Don’t stick to the location too much – you can find offshore development services anywhere.

Unload Of The In-House Workers

Overloading of your team may end up with the collapse of the workflow. Hire some extra workers for the peripheral tasks, and let your team concentrate on the most important ones.

Cost Control

The signed contract and measured volume of work will help you to control and predict expenses. As soon as the work is done, you can stop cooperation with the offshore software development company.

Opportunities And Future Of Offshore Development

Offshore web development services become more popular and comfortable. Any business can outsource backend jobs to any country. International IT giants depend on the offshore development service providers: cooperation with the developers worldwide improves productivity and leads to innovations. Offshore application development shows such trends for the future:

  • Security. Data security is on the top of concerns, especially with the internet of things smart technologies.
  • Big data and cloud computing. Cloud computing plays an essential role in business and sales scaling.
  • Automation. The robotic processes reduce the dependence on manpower and make our work more intellectual and artistic.
  • Internet of Everything. The IoT is spreading to more devices and things from our everyday life.
  • Offshore mobile application development. Smartphones are important in our lives, so the need for good applications will only grow.

Offshore Web Development – A Way To Connect To The World

Offshoring is a popular choice for modern businesses: it has many practical advantages and helps to develop business. But one more essential benefit is the connection to the world. Thanks to the offshoring new technologies and solutions spread around the world.

The most talented programmers get together and create something new and interesting. People solve the most difficult challenges. So, if you are open-minded and ready to cooperate with the team of strangers from another part of the world – offshore development is for you.

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