What You Need To Know Before Buying A Smok Mod

With no doubt, Smok Mods are the most important thing when it comes to E-Cigarettes, but after E-liquids of course. If you’re a vaping fan, you’ll definitely understand the importance of a mod.

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So, What’s A Mod?

A Smok Mod basically refers to an E-cigarette peripheral which connects the battery with the vaping coil. That’s the main functionality of E-Cigarette Mods. If you are a beginner in the vaping world, things can be quite confusing, especially when it comes to deciding on the type of smok mod to purchase.

When shopping around for your device, you’re more likely to come across terms such as a personal vaporizer, pen style mods, mech mod, or unregulated box mod. And when you go to purchase your first bottle of vape juice, you come across different flavors plus an extensive range of nicotine levels.

Smok Mods can sometimes be quite costly, and when making your first purchase, you really want something affordable and satisfying. To help you learn more about this gadgets and make sure that you only make the right selection on your first mod, this guide is meant to dive you into some of the most important details regarding Box Mods.

Things To Know Before Buying A Mod

Your Needs

Before purchasing a brand new Smok Mod, it’s important that you define your specific needs. Do you want something that offers a temperature control feature? Do you need a bigger battery? Or do you just want a simple Mechanical Mod?

Determine exactly what your needs are, then go ahead and pick what best suits your requirements. You can always choose from different Vaping Mod designs; Digital Mods, Battery Style Modes, and Mechanical Mods.

Your Understanding Of Tech

Today, most Smok Mods are filled with advanced technologies. Simple Digital Mods feature a computer chip that monitors all the things going on inside your Mod. Besides, they come with powerful displays that showcase everything that’s being calculated and monitored. If you’re that kind of person who isn’t concerned about the numbers being displayed, these futuristic gadgets aren’t the right thing for you.

Do You Like Vaping?

The number of times you vape per day really plays a significant role in determining the type of vape Mod you’ll need. If you vape more regularly and your E-Cigarette rarely gets time to breathe, you may want to consider establishing the battery size that your smok mod can support. Of course, you’ll want to choose a mod that has the capacity to support a larger battery in order to get adequate juice to vape the whole day.

How Do You Like Doing It?

If you don’t want a complex Mod like the Box Styled Mods, Digital Mods, or even the Temperature Control Mods, you could opt for a Mechanical Mod. These simplistic Mods are uniquely designed to keep the vaping action simple and efficient. It connects your battery to the coil, and there’s no technology or calculations required. Other benefits offered by Mechanical Mods include a greater throat plus larger clouds.

Vapor Production

The device’s vapor production is extremely important, especially when trying to choose your smok mod. Insufficient vapor will disappoint you. And there are numerous factors involved when deciding how much vapor is produced: the resistance level, the type of e-liquid, and the tank’s technology. All vaping kits feature a bottom atomizer head which can be replaced when it wears off.

There are two components that are commonly utilized as the base: Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol. The higher the amount of VG contained in an e-liquid, the more the vapor you’ll get. However, since VG is extremely smooth it might not provide enough throat hit. PG, on the other hand, increases this throat hit sensation and can be highly convenient for use since it performs an incredible job when it comes to mixing the flavors.


Safety is always paramount. Check if the smok mod’s tank is plastic or metal. If it’s fabricated with plastic, it’s more likely to be degraded by some acid flavors, which isn’t actually a desirable thing. Glass is indeed the best way to go. Again, check if the battery provides auto-shutoff in the event that a short circuit occurs. The more the safety features, the more reliable the device is.


When it comes to vaping mods, authenticity really matters. This is because it’s directly linked to your safety. When you purchase a clone, there’s no guarantee regarding the materials being utilized. Besides, the battery could not be having in-built safety features.

Authentic products should be RoHS certified, meaning there’s an assurance that no toxic lead has been included in the metal. When purchasing a clone battery, remember that there’ no warranty, so it’s only the internal safety features that can help you determine if the battery is safe or not. Be careful to purchase a genuine vaping mod that’ll offer you optimal safety.


Since vaping mods depend on electricity, you really want a device with a battery featuring plenty of capacity so that it can last up to 24 hours after being fully charged. You might need to batteries so as to charge one whilst using the other. Another great alternative is to utilize a passthrough battery which has the ability to power your tank while at the same time charging. It. So, you can comfortably vape when it’s connected to a universal serial port (USB). In this case, the amount of charge the battery is holding doesn’t really matter. Alternatively, consider purchasing a battery that has a minimum capacity of 1300 mAh.

The Bottom-Line

With the right smok mod, you can always have an enjoyable vaping experience. But how do you choose the perfect device? Well, it’s pretty simple. Check out the above tips and shop like a pro. Not only should you get a safe, convenient and reliable device but you should also consider its price. You don’t invest in something that will break your bank.

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