The 12 Geekiest iPhone Mods And Skins To Date

Since the life span of the original iPhone is soon coming to an end considering the new look of the up-coming iPhone, I thought it would be a good time to look back at things and see what has been done to mod the iPhone in the past. Undoubtedly the iPhone has had some really beautiful mod cases with stunning art and form, but there has also been some that just don’t fit the line-up. These are the ones that really don’t make the iPhone a little bit bigger, no, they make it into the size of a brick.

Apple once said that they despise the modifications of the visually stunning iPhone and that it didn’t need any mods since it was already perfect (very humbly said indeed). However, companies around the world started coming up with ideas anyway that could still make your iPhone just a little bit more personal.

Some did it brilliantly and some not so much. If anything, gadgets should be easy to carry around and look good, but, there is always that small group of people that ever so gracefully need to step out in the limelight and show their geekiness to the world.

As a byproduct of these people, some rather geeky and inspirational mod cases were born and distributed to unexpecting iPhone fans around the globe. There was everything from small devil “skins” to bulky transformer casings. Some had a flip up lid and some just a shell that looked like a stone, but those didn’t catch my interest. Instead I focused on some that brought the game to an entirely new level. Behold the geekiest line-up of iPhone casings ever created!

If you know of other casings that could potentially fit the geek line-up, please feel free to tell us about them.