NES Controlled Etch A Sketch Pad Is Doubled Up Retro

As a kid, I had one of those Etch A Sketch toys that I frantically tried to master. It didn’t go too well, and now that I look on YouTube and see what can only be described as out-of-this-world Etch A Sketch skills, I am wondering if I even had fingers at all when I was a kid. I mean, the art some of these people create with this device is just beyond what you’d think was possible. It’s only two  wheels for heaven’s sake. Unless you spend a lifetime learning how to cooperatively work those two wheels to perfection, there is just no getting any good results out of that frustrating toy. Sometimes I wonder if the creators of it had as mission to make a toy that kept kids occupied until they were finally adults.

However, with time things change. The fact that someone took this little gadget and started messing about with its mechanics is just fantastically awesome in my opinion. Or maybe I should say, it’s about time! YouTuber Alpinedelta32 put his brain cells to good use and actually created a trippy little retro mod for us all to enjoy. By putting rotors on each of the wheels or knobs (whatever you want to call them), he managed to hook up a Nintendo NES controller to work the Etch A Sketch gadget.

I totally love this mod, and the reason why is that it is just packed with the retroness of yesterday. I mean, come on people, if you don’t like the fact that it uses a NES controller to drive this thing, I don’t know what would set off the retro feeling inside of you. It’s a gadget match made in heaven, at least if you are looking at it from a retro perspective. If I ever get the chance to try this badboy out, I would make sure I would finally master this elusive toy once and for all. Period!

Etch A Sketch NES Mod

Via: [Neatorama]