Never Take A Bad Picture Again | The Photogenic Camera

How many times have you had your picture taken only to find that it looks horrendous? As a matter of fact, how many times have you had you picture taken just to find it’s of no use what so ever? It happens over and over again and in these times, when you pretty much need your picture for everything, a good picture could come in real handy. People are talking about social media and that it’s ultimately important that your picture match the real person at all times. So if you cut your hair a new picture is in order, etc. It’s easy to understand that with such a representation code pictures start to mount up pretty quickly.

This new camera, which is yet to receive a name, is likely to change all that within a second. The camera, designed by Xi Zhu, comes in two separate parts. One is the lens and trigger mechanism and the other one is the screen, a fully compatible touch screen that uses wireless USB to always show the picture about to be taken.

What this all means is that you are in charge what’s being captured on the screen and then later printed out or given to you in the form of a file. You are the only one that really knows what the picture looks like when it is taken. The photographer can only click away and hope you are satisfied with the pictures in the end. And, there is a good chance you will be happy with the result because with the decision power in your hands, you are the one that will modify, refine and perfect your position until it suits you just right. The camera can also be put together into one piece with the help of magnets located on both the lens piece and the screen. This means the camera will be as functional as any other professional camera, but with the twist that you can detach the screen entirely from the lens itself. In the end… everyone can be photogenic.