Breakthrough Biological Circuit Tech Can Be Wrapped Onto Anything

Pretty much every technology company is working on their flexible device these days. It’s a technology form that experts say is going to replace our current one due to its ability to more fluently fit our lifestyles. Flexible designs are complex to develop, but when it comes to flexible technologies it has long been thought that we are not there yet. However, a new biological circuit technology developed by researchers in Asia and Europe is going to leap frog us into the future.

By now we have all seen pretty much what it takes to create a flexible screen and how complex they can be. The threshold has long been to create circuit boards and components that are flexible without breaking their efficiency. It looks like the biological circuit that researchers from Asia and Europe created is the breakthrough needed for tech companies to finally develop truly flexible devices that really can withstand the twisting and bending that those designs are meant to withstand.

This new biological circuit is just 2 microns thick and can be wrapped onto pretty much any surface or area. Prime applications right now are within health monitoring, wearable medical instruments and even robotic skin. It is so flexible and durable that it can withstand stretching of up to 233% tensile strain. It’s something that is almost unheard of within the technology currently available to us.

Once used in flexible devices, this biological circuit could come to change our entire gadget park into a whole new range of devices that are more suitable for us humans. We can even see new features being born where stretching and bending becomes triggering functions that work in combination with the ordinary triggering functions like buttons and touch that are already available today. Further information about this groundbreaking biological circuit tech can be acquired through the Japan Science and Technology Agency.

Groundbreaking Flexible Biological Circuit Technology