New Consolor Console: Beautiful Portable Gaming!

It seems like just yesterday a company released the “next” portable gaming console on the market. Regardless, we still only see the Nintendo & PSP ones as making the charts with their new games. It seems to be harder to please the portable gamers than the ones sitting in front of a TV or a screen all day long. The portable gamers seem to want more for less and heavier gaming in an even slimmer design. Sounds like an impossible mission to me.

However, with time, technology shrinks and we’re able to fit more and more processor power into these little devices. No wonder we are constantly seeing barriers being broken every day. This time, it’s an all new concept design called Consolor from designer Joseph Dumary who spent a great deal of time rethinking the portable gaming concept.

His design has been widely talked about, and there seems to be as many people liking it as there are people hating it. However, the fact remains that it’s a great design. To me, it looks like the next step and if some cool technology is incorporated into it, I think there will be no limit to what it can do. The only one that is holding a lot of “magic” is the new iPhone 4. But then again, all it’s processor power isn’t exactly dedicated to gaming.