A New Look At Video Conferencing – How iMind Conquers The Market

Video conferencing technology is an indispensable part of any business nowadays, and it is almost impossible to imagine a working process without using any tools for virtual meetings. iMind is one of the best solutions to meet these needs and business requirements because it provides a well-balanced set of features in each of the available plans. Which specific features made iMind reviews so positive, and why is it worth using this tool for business?

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The iMind Platform

The tool we’re writing about is a platform that provides robust communication channels and provides ample room for connecting through different systems with no loss in quality. To reach such a great level of service, iMind developed swiftly since its very appearance in 2011:

  • the team cooperated with nation-level telecommunication companies;
  • the project set world record;
  • the patents were registered in the USA; etc.

This considerable effort resulted in iMind becoming one of the most popular tools according to the users’ reviews. The G2 platform collected the data and the customers’ reviews to name the iMind tool one of the industry leaders in 2022 spring.

The Tool’s Key Peculiarities

The popularity and positive opinion about iMind are conditioned by the set of features the platform provides and develops. Among the core functionality, you’ll find:

  • simple principles of operation – it’s easy to handle and get used to the algorithms required to do most manipulations of the platform;
  • high-quality video – if your Internet connection is stable enough, iMind allows for SD to HD quality (to make your communication more comfortable, you can manage this setting manually);
  • top opportunities for audio – the quality of sound transmission itself, suppression of background noise, and setting the volume of every participant on your device are some of the advantages;
  • scope for visibility – screen display is available in solo or collective mode;
  • use of recordings – you can record unlimited meetings, cloud store, share, and rewatch them;
  • statistics – check out your connection quality during the meetings;
  • universality – vary your experience and use the tool through a mobile app, desktop app, or browser.

The more you use iMind, the more advantages it is possible to discover.

How To Use iMind?

Using iMind is simple and has no tricks to reveal. All you need is to:

  1. Go to iMind.com.
  2. Sign up using one of the options.
  3. Choose a plan.
  4. Create your first meeting room: click Create and enter the room name.
  5. Invite attendees: copy and share the link or invite people directly from the meeting room after you’ve started a call.
  6. Explore the functionality of a meeting room and your platform profile.

The interface is intuitive, so right after you find yourself on the website, you’ll understand what to do.

The iMind solution is one of the simplest and most reliable options in today’s market. The team developed the tool throughout the years to realize well what exactly users need and how to balance these requirements perfectly. Try the iMind video conferencing now and see the benefits with your own eyes.

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