New Wikipedia Service: Printed Books With Customized Content

Wikipedia hasn’t gone a year without funding issues, and every now and then it is faced with the seemingly unavoidable shut down. So far it has stayed afloat, and it keeps giving us valuable and free information about pretty much everything. The fight for funding has led Wikipedia to look into new ideas and ways to get funding to keep the service afloat. Some really unique and quite interesting ideas have been looked into and accepted.

Wikipedia has had many fans, but there are also many people that have been saying it can’t be a reliable source of information since it can be edited by anyone interested in getting facts in there. This in turn means that the information added can be pure fiction and entirely false.

A company named PediaPress has gone into partnership with Wikipedia to offer a service that might have a lot of people cheering yes while having others think it’s the worst idea Wikipedia has ever embraced. PediaPress will let you choose the pages you want to include into a softcover book. This means, for example, you can create your very own science book with only the information that interests you. Or, why not create a super-pedia of only your favorite artists?

The choice is really yours and it’s highly customizable. A portion of the revenue will go directly to keep funding Wikipedia and its service. So if you think Wikipedia should be saved, then I suggest that you look into this new service and put together your own book. Prices start at only $8.90, but the total cost depends entirely on how much information you want your book to contain. For example, if you were to make a whole Wikipedia book I am sure it would be quite expensive.